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At Brunel we offer a range of pest control services covering a range of pests. The information below gives a little detail of what we offer.

Rats and mice can be the scourge of both residential and commercial properties. At Brunel we offer free advice and quotes. Typically, you will require two visits, spread over a 7-10 day period, to address your infestation.

Fleas are a very unpleasant and unwanted pest, often a bi-product of having pets, which can lead to minor or severe infestations. Typically, you will require at least two treatments, although more may be necessary. At Brunel we would offer you lots of advice, as well as the treatments, to help us overcome this pest.

Bedbugs are a notoriously difficult pest to overcome. However, at Brunel we have the patience and experience to combat the problem. Typically, three visits over a 3-6 week period, combined with advice and support can help defeat this pest.

As summer starts so does the increased presence of wasps. If you are unfortunate enough to have a wasp nest in your home, garden or premises then Brunel can swiftly rid you of it.

Lots of other pests can cause problems both in residential and commercial properties. Be it cockroaches, ants, moths, beetles or even flies, Brunel can and will help you be pest free.

Are you leaving a rental property? Does your landlord or letting agent require you to have your carpets cleaned and fumigated because you have a pet? If yes, Brunel can help. Offering a combined price for carpet cleaning and fumigation means a better deal for you.

Do you require a regular pest control service at your restaurant, pub, shop or catering premise? If yes, visit our

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